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    星期三   晴天 
    主题 My poor mother was very sympathetic

    <title>My poor mother was very sympathetic</title><content><b>My poor mother was very sympathetic</b>I was very unhappy during this time. Mr Murdstone insisted on my studying, and so #x my <a target="_blank" href="http://www.china-boan.com/Washing-powder.html">Washing powder</a> mother gave me lessons. In the past she and I had enjoyed our studies together, and she had taught me a lot in her gentle way. But now both Mr and Miss Murdstone were present during my lessons,<a href="http://www.metal-china.cn/en/Roofing-Nail.html">Roofing Nail</a>, and somehow I could not concentrate or remember what I had learnt. My poor mother was very sympathetic,and tried to encourage me,sometimes even whispering the answer to me. But the Murdstones had sharp ears. ‘Clara,my love! ’Mr Murdstone used to say crossly.‘Remember!Be firm!You’re making the boy's character worse by helping him like that!’ ‘Oh,Edward, I'm sorry,’my mother replied, looking <a target="_blank" href="http://www.china-boan.com/Washing-powder.html">Washing powder</a> embarrassed and hanging her head like a guilty child. One morning when I arrived in the sittingroom as usual for my lesson,I saw that Mr Murd stone had a thin stick in his hand. I could not take my eyes off it.‘You must be very careful today, David,’ he said with his unpleasant smile,<a href="http://www.ironwire-china.com/galvanized-wire/Hexagonal-Wire-Netting.html">Hexagonal Wire Netting</a>, holding the stick in both hands. I knew what would happen then. A terrible fear took hold of me, and all that I had learnt disappeared immediately from my memory, so that I could not answer any of my mother's questions. Mr Murdstone got up from his chair. ‘Well David,’he said heavily,‘ I think you've worried your mother enough today. We'll go <a target="_blank" href="http://www.china-boan.com/Washing-powder.html">Washing powder</a> upstairs, boy. Come,’and #x he picked up the stick. I heard my mother crying as we went upstairs. ‘Please,<a href="http://www.ironwire-china.com/galvanized-wire/Chain-Link-Fence.html">Chain Link Fence</a>,Mr Murdstone!’I cried. ‘Don't beat me!I've tried to learn,really I have, sir!’ But he did not listen to me.</content>&nbsp;&nbsp;相关的主题文章: <ul>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <li><a href="http://bbs.qfmdj.com/boke.asp?panda646.showtopic.81792.html" target="_blank">John Wooden's legacy has been a great weight on hi</a></li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <li><a href="http://zhuliyee.myloger.com/2010/06/05/bucs-cubs-finale-at-pnc-park-postponed/" target="_blank">Bucs-Cubs finale at PNC Park postponed</a></li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <li><a href="http://www.nationofgodsandearths.net/index.php?do=/m>新建 文本文档 (49)</a></li>&nbsp;&nbsp; </ul>
    ldginser 发表于:2010-12-15 17:13:03

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